A difference in Handling

I have learned a few more things in regards to showing. I think Zephy is getting a bit bored of me. I generally do all the dog walks and all the training classes etc. So come show day, he is probably thinking ‘oh not you again!’. Well the next two pictures show the difference a different handler can make and also, experience. I am still very new to showing in the grand scheme of things. Every show is a learning day!

The first picture is me asking Zeph to stand. You can see he’s not really interested in me. His front legs are at an anlge and not very square. Overall hes looking very stretched out.


Now this picture. Is literally taken a few minutes later with a friend of mine handling him. He is paying much more attention. His legs are all square and because of this his bulky shoulders are on show.

20160703_161122 (1)

So you can see, I have a lot to learn. I need to work out how to get him to stand like he is above. OR I can go for the option of having someone else show him in the ring….Bar a champ show I have coming up in Leeds, I think i’ll be asking others to show him. We might place higher if he stands like he does above!

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