Show weekend and rest days

On Thursday, Zephy, Ben and I travelled down to Leeds for the championship show. Echo went to Ben’s parents house for the night/day for a bit of R&R.

We had a good day at the show with Zephy placing 3rd in both of his classes (Junior and Graduate), which means we have once again qualified for Crufts. I’m not sure why I am so keen to go back considering how I feel about the place/people/treatment of some of the dogs. I can’t decide if it’s just my competitive side taking over or what. Anyway, we are heading back.


He behaved so well considering two border terriers went for him.He barely reacted to them with only a little growl and nothing more.  I still get infuriated by the double standard people with small dogs have. It’s ok for them to growl and snarl and bite but if Zeph does it I get all the tutting of the day and the eye rolling etc. Really bothers me.

The rest and some spoiling Echo received on his little break has done him the world of good. His swelling has gone down dramatically and the scar looks as if it’s healing well. I think he missed his little brother though:


We are back to the Vet on wednesday to get stitches out so hopefully that’s the end of it. Will need to keep an eye on him but hopefully it doesn’t come back again whatever it was!

All in all, it has been a very tiring few weeks. I am exhausted!




Another update.

The last week has been a bit of a rollercoaster again. Echo has had to go in a few times to have his wound drained as the swelling was getting too big:


You can see that the swelling is huge! He’s had to have it drained a couple of times now. Luckily no infection is in there and it’s down to the fact that he won’t sit still! Every time he runs about he causes more swelling. Well, I can tell you, it’s damn near impossible to keep a spaniel calm and still without tying them down! The vet decided that perhaps we needed to try calming him with some drugs. We tried some Diazepam….he got a full dose. Aaaaaannnd we got this:


So, We’ve moved onto ACP, which is a tranquiliser. And he has calmed a little bit. He isn’t as stressed out and anxious as he was, which in turn has calmed Zephy down (he was getting upset at Echo pacing all the time). He’s still wild but slightly less likely to hurt himself. He’s been enjoying some cuddles with his brother:



News Update

Well, here’s the news so far:

The morning of the vet drop off for Echo went as well as could be. As always Echo makes me feel so guilty for leaving him. I have to hand him over and walk right out. It is aweful. Echo isn’t one for singing but he gives it a go at the vets! Makes me feel ill.

Anyway, while I was at work, the vet called to say: since Echo gets so stressed at the vets they want to limit any return visits for him. Instead of just opening the lump and draining it they were going to cut it all right out. I gave the go ahead as I can’t explain to you the stress Echo feels at the vet. So I kept at my work, just waiting the whole time to get him back. Not sure how productive I was. Well at lunch time I got the call to say he’s just out of theatre and already sitting up! I can’t say I was surprised. Echo is a different kind of dog altogether. Unfortunately, when they opened up Echo it wasn’t all just full of icky pus and infection but instead they discovered a fatty lump that lifted out in one go. They still think it was a reaction to some kind of infection so he has strong antibiotics and he seems to be fine.

Hope you’re not squeemish:


So as you can see, it’s quite a hole in his shoulder! Unforutnately, this means that Echo is now on cage rest. He is so miserable!


As you all know, Echo is so full of energy all of the time. He has already gotten over his initial sulk. He isn’t allowed off lead or for very long walks, and he’s not allowed to jump about etc. Which is much easier said than done! HE is running about all the time. Pacing constantly and generally winding up Zeph. We’ve had to separate them a few times now. Because Echo won’t settle, Zephy is stressed out as well.

On the plus side! Echo has been wearing a cute little t-shirt. It’s in place of his buster collar to stop him licking his sore bit. Zephy has been very worried about his big brother though. Look at that wee smiley face getting kisses. Adorable. 20160716_092623

We paid a visit to the vet today to get a check up. Since Echo has been so manic, and bored and generally on the verge of hurting himself, the vet reluctantly prescribed some Diazepam for the little guy. It’s in the hope that if we can keep him calmer he will give himself a chance to heal properly. Well, we gave him the high dose…and we now have a hyperactive dog who has the munchies.

To try and help calm Echo we’ve been doing training in the house (its raining outside) to try and make him use his brain. It works for short periods of time.


A stand from Zephy and a sit from Echo.

Annoyingly, tonight, I noticed blood running down his shoulder and he seems to have managed to split the skin where he was cut. I called the on call vet and she gave me some advice. I’ve stopped the bleeding, it looks like its just some of the fluid build up that’s sitting behind the scar. So we aren’t too worried. Another trip to the vet tomorrow! Never out of the place.

I am in the middle of sorting out getting a slightly bigger cage for Echo. He is currently in a 36″ cage which is usually a fine size for the short times he is in there but with him now wearing a collar (had to put it back on to wash the tshirt), the cage is far too small. He can’t move in it and it’s not healthy for him. So he is now going to be spending the night in Zephys massive 48″ cage and Zephy is going to have to be a big boy and have the run of the house. It’s a stressful night all round!

(Echo can’t have free run of the house as he destroys everything!).

Poor Zephy has had all my attention on walks…


“More Photos mum? Really?”

Another cause for concern

Well, it’s Echo’s turn now for a trip to the vet. It’s like the dogs are in competition to get the most attention!

I noticed a few days ago that Echo had two new lumps just behind his shoulder. They feel both solid and fluid if that makes any sense. Anyway, a trip to the vet this evening with the other half and two vets have decided that they need to cut it open and see whats inside. So, no dinner for Echo and he’s sulking already and a general for him tomorrow to try and see what is in this lump. I’m hoping it’s just an infection and nothing else more sinister.


“That’s my dinner you’re cooking, yes?”

Will keep you all posted.


The many moods of Echo…

So in the space of 15 minutes I had:

  1. Wild and Happy

20160706_081633 (1)

2) Huffing (he was told off for stealing)

20160706_081648 (1)

3) Sleepy and possessive



And tonight, While out practicing some agility, I also managed to capture, determination/manic for a ball:


“I am going to get it!”

Walkies and training mornings.

I am sticking to the early morning walks/training sessions. This picture should give you a good idea as to what the boys think of this new regime. I’ve found a rugby field that is usually empty at 6am(!) and it’s a chance for Zephy to get off lead and have a good run. I am trying to encourage his recall by playing fetch. He is doing a great job but we will need to start adding in distractions soon enough to really push him.


The good thing about all the rain we’ve had recently, is that the ‘wild’ parts of the local parks have really had a chance to grow unhindered. It has created another walk that I can take the boys and once again, Zephy can get off lead. (P.S got a new phone with a much better camera…so many pictures to come!)

Look how happy they both are!! Love it when they have a good play in the grass. All this running about is very tiring work I have to say.


Just so much effort…

A difference in Handling

I have learned a few more things in regards to showing. I think Zephy is getting a bit bored of me. I generally do all the dog walks and all the training classes etc. So come show day, he is probably thinking ‘oh not you again!’. Well the next two pictures show the difference a different handler can make and also, experience. I am still very new to showing in the grand scheme of things. Every show is a learning day!

The first picture is me asking Zeph to stand. You can see he’s not really interested in me. His front legs are at an anlge and not very square. Overall hes looking very stretched out.


Now this picture. Is literally taken a few minutes later with a friend of mine handling him. He is paying much more attention. His legs are all square and because of this his bulky shoulders are on show.

20160703_161122 (1)

So you can see, I have a lot to learn. I need to work out how to get him to stand like he is above. OR I can go for the option of having someone else show him in the ring….Bar a champ show I have coming up in Leeds, I think i’ll be asking others to show him. We might place higher if he stands like he does above!