Champ Shows

We went to a few champ shows last month. Not much luck in terms of placings but Zephy did behave very well and he was good for the judges. Every time we go to a show I learn more about Zephy as well which I enjoy.

The first show we went to was The Scottish Kennel Club, and unfortunately someone had dropped some liver in the ring. I was using steak and Zephy wasn’t much interested in the steak. So now I’m using liver and he loves it! Well, at the show we got VHC (or 5th to you and me) which doesn’t qualify us for crufts but I have to say I’m not sure I’m actually all that bothered. Who knows!

At the second show, we only made it to reserve (4th) but I was so pleased with Zeph. The show was in a large equestrian arena so the smells for Zephy pup would have been wonderful but he didn’t once drop his head, he watched me the whole time. The judge was struggling to make a decision and we had to run the dogs more than normal in order for her to decide. Zeph isn’t used to so much running but he didn’t put a foot wrong for me. Couldn’t be happier with him!


I love you mum….feed me!

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