A sore foot

I think I am starting to go grey. On Monday morning, after walking the dogs, I noticed blood all over the carpet. The boys had been playing quite roughly so I thought maybe they’d hurt themselves. After a quick check of Echo I discovered Zephy had a big slice through his pad.

He was so good. He let me check it for any glass etc and sat still while I washed it with warm salt water. For a big dog he was so patient and gentle. I put some socks on him to stop the bleeding while I called the vet. Luckily it wasn’t very deep but every time he stepped on his foot it reopened the cut.


“Mum, it hurts!”


Once at the vets it was discovered that he had done enough damage to his foot to need stitches. So unfortunately, he’s had to have another general anaesthetic. He’s got dressings on and needs a few check ups as well. Currently on bed rest now which he is sulking about! I’m just glad to have him home again.


Echo was not happy that Zephy left him!


All I will say is: Thank god for pet insurance!

3 thoughts on “A sore foot

    • IT was a bit of a scare. He’s been to the vet this morning, he ate his bandages thru the night! So new bandages on and the vet has said he’s looking good. Back in on Wednesday again. I managed to get him out for a quick 10 minute walk in between the rain showers. I think he’s getting bored now :/

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