Not dog related but…

So today I did something I never thought I would get a chance to do. I did my first ever Tandem Skydive!! It was amazing. The most wonderful thing I have ever done. I wasn’t just doing it for fun though I am raising funds for Anthony Nolan –

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A sore foot

I think I am starting to go grey. On Monday morning, after walking the dogs, I noticed blood all over the carpet. The boys had been playing quite roughly so I thought maybe they’d hurt themselves. After a quick check of Echo I discovered Zephy had a big slice through his pad.

He was so good. He let me check it for any glass etc and sat still while I washed it with warm salt water. For a big dog he was so patient and gentle. I put some socks on him to stop the bleeding while I called the vet. Luckily it wasn’t very deep but every time he stepped on his foot it reopened the cut.


“Mum, it hurts!”


Once at the vets it was discovered that he had done enough damage to his foot to need stitches. So unfortunately, he’s had to have another general anaesthetic. He’s got dressings on and needs a few check ups as well. Currently on bed rest now which he is sulking about! I’m just glad to have him home again.


Echo was not happy that Zephy left him!


All I will say is: Thank god for pet insurance!

Another adventure

We have been finding lots of new walks recently and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of this place! We found it up a little back road on the way to Crieff and the pups had a fab time. We didn’t meet anyone else until we were almost back at the car so the boys had the whole time off lead. The pictures speak for themselves:



Bath time!




Echo and I have continued to go to agility every week and he is loving it! I managed to get some pictures of the arena’s so I could share it with you. Unfortunately, I am not able to upload videos to this blog, so I can’t share with you the mad energy he has.


Echo seems to love the tunnels and all the jumps. He’s a tad over excited on the ramps etc so we are leaving those for the moment. We have only just started training a weave but I think Echo will get the hang of it pretty quickly. The best thing about agility….this:


Such a sleepy puppy and he looks so happy 🙂

Champ Shows

We went to a few champ shows last month. Not much luck in terms of placings but Zephy did behave very well and he was good for the judges. Every time we go to a show I learn more about Zephy as well which I enjoy.

The first show we went to was The Scottish Kennel Club, and unfortunately someone had dropped some liver in the ring. I was using steak and Zephy wasn’t much interested in the steak. So now I’m using liver and he loves it! Well, at the show we got VHC (or 5th to you and me) which doesn’t qualify us for crufts but I have to say I’m not sure I’m actually all that bothered. Who knows!

At the second show, we only made it to reserve (4th) but I was so pleased with Zeph. The show was in a large equestrian arena so the smells for Zephy pup would have been wonderful but he didn’t once drop his head, he watched me the whole time. The judge was struggling to make a decision and we had to run the dogs more than normal in order for her to decide. Zeph isn’t used to so much running but he didn’t put a foot wrong for me. Couldn’t be happier with him!


I love you mum….feed me!

A walk up West Lomond

One of my favourite places to go walking is up East and West Lomond in Fife. It’s not very high but there is a path that covers both hills. It’s a good walk of a few hours if you do both. Since Zephy is still young I’m slowly building up his fitness and stamina so covering both hills with him is a no no at the moment. However, It was a lovely day we chose to go for a wander up one of the hills. We didn’t do the whole thing as it was very warm as well. Still, I think the boys had a good time 🙂


The Path to West Lomond


The boys and Me.


The great thing about working shifts as I’ve said before is that I get to walk more with the boys and really tire them out. I love it. They always look so content after a good run about. And it’s even better if they get a good swim while they are at it! This is down in a woods close to where we live. Its a great walk of a few miles but all on the flat so it makes it easier walking for me but still gives the boys a chance to run like nutters. It’s one of the few places Zephy can get off lead as there are usually few other people around.

I like to give them a bit of a mix of places to walk. It’s good to keep the boredom away. Zephy has recently discovered the noise of male pheasant. He was mesmerized by it!


“What’s that?”


Do we have to go home?