Holidays – Part 2

As part of my time off work, I’ve been putting in extra training time with the dogs. Due to our agility trainer being away this week at a championship show, there is no class. However, I didn’t want to miss a week of getting Echo into good habits, therefore, I roped Ben into teaching me (and helping with the tricky bits) how to build my own jumps. I found a design on pinterest and went with it. I think it’s a success!

It was a bit confusing and the design is a bit rough since it is a first attempt. I haven’t painted them either but that can come later on. It’s not a priority on our to do list as nice as it would be. And here is the finished product. (Ben cut the PVC pipes and made the holders):

If I get anymore wood then I’ll make some more but we’ll need to collect some more PVC pipe. Using the wings together or seperately I can make a good little obstacle course using the bushes in the garden and our little chimnea. It’s very rough and ready but I’m able to put into practice all the things we are learning at class. And it is having the effect of tiring the wee boy out.


Blurry but you get the idea!


We have been taking advantage of our week of freedom so far. Dogs hopped into the car and we headed off to Loch Earn. We stopped at Comrie briefly for a quick toilet stop and to let the boys have a wee stretch.


From Comrie we were only in the car another 10 minutes or so before Ben found us a little private beach for our lunch. It was lovely and warm, a little windy but just a perfect little place to stop.

Don’t they look so happy! They are still tired out today. So they’ve had a morning snoozing.

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