An ongoing problem/fun training.

I don’t know if any of you that read this has any experience of a dog that won’t recall. Zephy is doing great with his training on lead however, I can’t let him off the lead. If he see’s another person or dog he is off! And at a run no less. And I don’t mean it is people close by either, the other people/dog can be a mile away across a field and off he goes!!

As a puppy, Zephy would not venture far and he was always rewarded for being close and coming back. In fact, for a while he would walk to heel off lead regardless of what was around him. Apart from him beginning to mature I have no idea what else could have changed. I can’t recall the day this good behaviour changed. Unfortunately people don’t appreciate a rottweiler running at them no matter how friendly. He doesn’t jump at them or anything, in fact he goes up to them with his head down and his tail wagging. None the less, in effect, I have no control of him off lead. I would be devastated if anyone took his friendliness as aggression. Being the breed he is may cause him problems. Unfortunately, Zephy doesn’t know he’s a Rotti!

My other problem, occurs when he is on lead; He will sit, stay, lie down, heel etc but as soon as he see’s another dog and if I don’t have tasty enough treats he jumps about and cries at the end of the lead. He now weighs over 7 stone and is sheer muscle. I know he’s desperate to get off to say hello to whatever/whoever  he sees but it doesn’t always come across as that to others. I have now purchased a halti headcollar and lead in order to help me control him sensibly without either of us getting hurt/stressing out too much. The aim is to have him on the halti for control but to continue with the positive reinforcement training.

Anyway, if any of you that read this has any advice (bar getting him snipped), I’d really appreciate it. Or if there is a good book/website/training video that you can recommend I will have a nosy at it.

Either way, the training continues and it is mostly a success. Echo is doing great at his training for agility. He seems to be really enjoying the different tasks. I have to work on his control but it is still early days and trying to keep it all fun for him. Will try to get pictures for you all one week.

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