Zephy has returned

Zephy has been returned to us. He’s been well behaved and apparently very cuddly with the nurses and the vet.

I’ve been told that his hips and elbows look good so health wise he looks fab. Now to wait on the scores from the KC.

I am so happy to have him back. He is very unstable on his feet. I had to carry him in which hasn’t done my ankle any good! But it made it easier for the big bear. He made it to bed eventually:


Cuddles with bear are just what the doctor ordered.

I have managed to get him to eat some of his dinner with extra water added in (rice and venison and a handful of dry food) as he isn’t interested in drinking. The only way to get rid of anaesthetic however is to wee it out. So in between his snoozes I’m trying to encourage him a bit. I think Echo is glad to have him back as well:


Having a cuddle to make it better.

He should be feeling much better tomorrow hopefully. I’ve got some tasty meat defrosting for breakfast which should do the trick 🙂


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