First Agility class

Well we made it to our first agility class. The woman that runs it is lovely and she’s lucky enough to have her own purpose built arena for training agility! It’s fab. There a field next to the arena for training as well which means there’s lots of space to practice.

There are four of us in the class. Two working cockers, a whippet and a Boston terrier cross which looks like a puppy boxer! Very cute but being the smallest makes the most noise.

Our first class I think was a success. Echo was star of the class, he actually listened! He was working off lead for most of it and behaved amazingly. He was even used to demonstrate at one point.

We are starting off with groundwork and basic training and I have a list of training to do for homework. It’s great to have some proper guidance and the trainer made last night so easy. It actually feels like I can do it. Saying that, I tried to copy some of the training tonight in the garden and it wasn’t a success but we have to start somewhere I guess. I feel good that both dogs have a ‘job’ to work towards and they seem much happier now and I am enjoying them even more (if that was even possible!).


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