Echo’s sore eye.

So I came home from my nightshift the other morning and found that Echo had a wee bloody eye. The picture doesn’t do it justice it was a wee pocket of blood on one side of his eye. I have no idea how he’s managed it! They boys sleep in their cages when no one is in so they can’t have hurt each other while I was out. And I am pretty sure his eye was fine before I left. Who knows!? Anyway, got him to the vets (I know, I go all the time!), apparently he’s had a haemorrhage in his eye so not just a blood shot eye. He was very good for the vet while she checked his vision and took blood from him. Luckily he’s got plenty of platelets (apparently spaniels can get thrombocytopenia) and he hasn’t bled anywhere else. His eye was all swollen as well so he was feeling a bit sorry for himself.


£150 later, with anti-inflammatories and eye drops, he’s looking much better. He’s not a fan of the vets though and as soon as we got back he wanted a cuddle:




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