The Weigh in:

Well, it was time for a weigh in for both the boys:

Echo has now gained a bit of weight and is 20kg! We need to keep an eye on the amount of food he’s having!



Zephyr is almost a year old and is currently sitting at 45kg (which is 7 stone for those that work in stone!)!!!


Echo’s Long Weekend

As I was saying on the Cruft’s weekend post, Echo had to stay with his Auntie Lola. They both seemed to have solved their differences at long last which is ace. I managed to steal a few pics from Ben’s mum’s phone to show you what I mean.

Not great pics for the purpose, but Echo was moving his pillow and blanket closer to Lola so he could snuggle near her. It sounds very cute and apparently she was letting him closer than normal. It might not seem like much but this is a big deal!!

Crufts Weekend

Well as you will be aware, that is Crufts over with for another year. Unfortunately, as always there is controversy surrounding a few breeds. Some people just can’t be trusted but it is about time it became public knowledge. The kennel club should have stepped in long before now though.

Anyway, I have tried not to let that tar my weekend which was very enjoyable. Ben and I had a great time away and Zephyr did amazingly. He was so well behaved in the hotel and at the event that I swear he’s an older dog than he is sometimes! Well, did he not just go and get reserve in his class!

IMG_0883FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (7)


We also had a chance this weekend to visit some of Ben’s family and we had the joy to meet Joy! A loveable little English Springer Spaniel owned by Ben’s Grandparents.

I haven’t got any pictures of Echo’s weekend away with his ‘granny’ but hopefully I can get some and update this later. It sounds as if he had a riot of a time and was spoiled rotten. He looked exhausted but happy by the time we got him home 🙂


Preparation for Crufts

With only 3 days to go, I am starting to get a little bit stressed about all the things I need for heading down to the NEC. I think I have most things packed already which is good but I don’t think I will be happy until I’m down there. It is going to be a very stressful day but hopefully in a good way!

Zephy has been practicing his ‘Stand’, with encouragement from Echo as always:

FullSizeRender (3)

Not Square but looking handsome 🙂

We have had bath time:


Although pretty sure I ended up with more water on me than on Zephy; He managed to stand on the shower hose and spray me head to foot in water! Luckily it was warm.

And, of course, we had to have the bath time sillies:


Need to get dusty again!

My sister has been really good at helping me organise myself. She has helped me pick out an outfit which is both practical but still smart. I get very anxious going to places that I’ve never been before but I got a lovely card in the post from my sis. It was addressed to me and Mr Z Rotti:


Good advice for most occasions.

I will let you know how we get on and there will be pics if I can calm my nerves enough to take any! Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

Echo’s Play date.

Well you will all be glad to hear that Echo has had the all clear from the vet. Fortunately for him, his buddy Kuma was in the vet at the same time getting his yearly boosters so we organised a play date with him and his half brother Teemu.

We had a great time in the park, playing fetch and the dogs running wild. Half way round a walk Kuma likes to take a seat for a minute or two before continuing. It was a perfect photo opportunity 🙂


Echo and his buddies


Kuma and Echo

I do love having a ‘puppy’ play date. It is so nice to see Echo running about and having fun. He was shattered afterwards which is always a bonus!

Echo’s sore eye.

So I came home from my nightshift the other morning and found that Echo had a wee bloody eye. The picture doesn’t do it justice it was a wee pocket of blood on one side of his eye. I have no idea how he’s managed it! They boys sleep in their cages when no one is in so they can’t have hurt each other while I was out. And I am pretty sure his eye was fine before I left. Who knows!? Anyway, got him to the vets (I know, I go all the time!), apparently he’s had a haemorrhage in his eye so not just a blood shot eye. He was very good for the vet while she checked his vision and took blood from him. Luckily he’s got plenty of platelets (apparently spaniels can get thrombocytopenia) and he hasn’t bled anywhere else. His eye was all swollen as well so he was feeling a bit sorry for himself.


£150 later, with anti-inflammatories and eye drops, he’s looking much better. He’s not a fan of the vets though and as soon as we got back he wanted a cuddle: