Obedience Training.

For awhile now I’ve been ‘having a go’ at Ben to do something with Echo. Being a working spaniel he’s the kind of dog that needs to have a job, needs to use his brain or he gets himself into mischief. Between us, we found an obedience class and Ben has now been to two sessions so far. From what Ben has told me, the wee guy has been doing really well.

Once he gets over his initial excitement, he can heel off lead past other dogs, he can sit stay and lie down stay all with a crowd of others around him. It is fantastic! and he looks so tired after it all. He is in the bronze class at the moment but with the way he is going I’m hoping he can pass his first assessment and move up to the silver class. Such a clever wee boy.

Once Echo is up into the Silver class we are hoping to take Zephy along to the same class and start him in Bronze as well. Until then, we’ve been working on training for both of them. In the safety of the dog park, I can make them both sit-stay, lie down-stay and I can also have one staying while the other walks around them at heel. It is fantastic!…as long as there is no distractions!


I have ran into a problem with Zephy recently and I think it may be due to him ‘becoming a man’. His recall at the moment is non-existent. I don’t know if anyone else has or has had this problem. He is so overly friendly that he just bounds off to see other people and dogs. He worryingly has an absolute love for little kids which well, you can imagine the issue I have with that! I am working on his recall in the dog park at the moment because there are distractions but he can’t get to them. I am trying to make me really fun by taking toys with me and when he comes back he gets to play. I know that if we had him snipped already he might be better, but obviously at the moment that’s not really an option. I have just ordered a stretchy lead to use in the parks etc for the moment. If anyone has any ideas on how to make his recall better that would be super. My other option is to make his sit stay really good that even at a distance I could make him sit and stay if he won’t back. It’s a difficult one and unfortunately Zephy has no idea that he’s a ‘big scary’ Rottweiler.

Needless to say, all this training is very tiring for all of us!


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