Another Show Weekend

In preparation for Crufts I have entered Zephy into loads of open shows as practice. He is starting to chill out even more but he is desperate to play with every dog and unfortunately I just can’t let him! I have given in and decided to take a cage with me to shows. It’s more stuff to carry in but Zeph seems to like having a place to lie down in peace.

We had two shows this weekend, one in Edinburgh and the other over in Lanarkshire. Well we got first place in Junior Rotti, and then Best Puppy in Breed on Saturday:

This was followed by 1st in junior Rotti, Best of Breed and then 4th in Best Working Puppy today! (We beat the same rotti in the junior dog category two days running!):


We had a great time and Zephy was so well behaved. Really pleased with him.

One thing I cannot stand at shows is the complete lack of sportsmanship. I was always brought up to be polite and encouraging to everyone so I try my best to just that (granted everyone gets caught up in competition sometimes!). I always try to say congratulations to the winners of classes and I compliment other dogs etc. Not everyone has this ability to be nice and if you open your ears at shows, you can hear some pretty nasty things being said. Now there are some breeds and dogs that, yes shouldn’t be bred from but as a competitor that is not my place to say. It is upto the judges to be harsher in their decisions and I do think they should be harsher, even if that means we don’t win as much. If there is a defect in a dog that could be bad for the breed then the it is the judges that should be penalising dogs for the defect. AND the owners should accept that the dog is not suitable for breeding. Unfortunately, that’s not how shows work. It is a very complicated world. One that I am trying to get my head around.

Now that we are home both dogs are having a case of the sillies. They are running about the living room like nutters growling, biting and rolling about; having a whale of a time. I love them to bits the crazy dogs that they are.

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