Bad weather, new toys and snoozing.

Well as you may well be aware, we are currently being battered about by Storm Henry, with Storm Gertrude only just having left us. In terms of storms and the damage they can cause I think we have been pretty lucky on the East side of Scotland but there is still more to come! I can tell you that the boys have not been particularly keen on going out which isn’t like them at all! Only the other day did I find them like this after disappearing to the kitchen to make myself a cuppa:

They were not keen on moving at all, as you can see. Even my disapproving scowl and usual howl of “Get of the bloody sofa!” didn’t shift them. Needless to say they were moved and taken for a walk. I will need to get a picture of their sad wee faces when they are made to go out in their raincoats!

After spending hundreds of pounds on nice new beds and toys, as all dog owners do, it has swiftly come to my attention that I shouldn’t have bothered. After destroying yet another bed, I replaced Zephy’s bed with an old duvet…he loves it! typical. If I’d known that I would’ve given him it in the first place! Now onto the toys, I have watched the pair of them destroy countless toys and I happened to pick up some rubber rings from the pet shop the other day. They have gone daft over them! The cheapest toys I have ever bought. I really could’ve saved myself a fortune! Anyway, lesson learned I suppose.


In preparation for all the dog shows and Crufts coming up I have bought Zeph a wee soft crate. I’m hoping it will give him a quiet place to settle in between being in the show ring. He doesn’t seem overly fussed at shows but I think he could do with a place to lie down in peace from all the people. I’ve started getting him used to the crate by telling him “in” and giving him biscuits everytime he walks in it and then giving him a biscuit for sitting/lying down in it. He so far doesn’t seem particularly upset by the process:



4 thoughts on “Bad weather, new toys and snoozing.

  1. OMGoodness Zeph you look soooo much like ME !!!!
    We have had plenty of high wind and squally showers but not enough to put me off going out with Mrs P and Beloved,
    Stay safe and warm …
    PS the sofa looks way comfy LOL
    Love Big Oscar xx

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    • Hi Oscar,

      You be careful out there too! I don’t like all the loud noises and mum won’t let me chase all the rubbish flying around. I’m getting used to it all now but I’d still rather be curled up on the sofa. Mum tells us off for being up there but if you don’t ask you don’t get!
      And I’m glad you think I look like you! That means I am a very handsome boy 🙂
      Love Zephy xx


      • Dearest Zephy,
        Mrs P asks if you are a German Rottweiler ? I’m not sure as opposed to what !! but you know how mums are 🙂
        I’ve been really good and don’t get on the sofa hardly at all… but I just can’t let a flying leaf pass me by – and it gets me into way too much trouble, but at the time it seems soooo worth it 🙂


  2. Flying leaves are just too tempting!! I also desperately want to play chase with kitties and if I see my mum or dad I pull so hard to see them!! Mum says it’s not funny and if I pull her over there won’t be any walkies at all!!
    I’m pretty sure I’m a German Rotti 🙂 mum says so anyway, xx


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