Is it winning if there is no competition.

Well I have stuck with the showing thing and I realise I haven’t mentioned that we won at a Championship show back in November (at least I can’t see where I have, so sorry if I am repeating myself)! Which means we have qualified for Crufts! It is the second weekend in March and the Rotties are on the Saturday so having a wee weekend away with Zephy and Ben. Unfortunately Echo can’t come with us as they only allow competition dogs. So wee Echo is getting a holiday with Lola for that weekend.

The title to this entry refers to a competition that I was at on Saturday (and no I’m not being arrogant!)

(Since we are going to Crufts I have lined up a number of open shows to go to as practice. I want Zephy to be as comfortable as possible with all the noise and chaos etc. He is pretty laid back at shows already but Crufts is going to be so loud and chaotic!)

Anyway, I have been entering Zephy into the A.V puppy classes at shows where there isn’t a Junior Rotti class. This means that I can be up against a number of different breeds. Due to the nature of the class it seems that not many people tend to enter these classes and therefore the competition is usually only about 2 or 3 dogs if you are lucky! The show on Saturday was particularly quiet (perhaps due to the time of year – weather etc), there was literally just me and Zephy in the class! So, because of that we won 1st place and best puppy in group. The judge was lovely to Zephy and it has helped his training but getting first doesn’t seem that special when you are the only one in the class!! Saying that, I like to think if we were against another dog Zephy would of been solid competition for them. He stood wonderfully and focused for a long time which is great!



Taken by a lovely girl at the show, didn’t know it was taken!


I have us entered into a few Rottie classes in the upcoming shows to see how we fair against other Rotts so will keep you updated.

The joy of training.

The handy thing about training your dogs is that you can get much better pics of them than you normally would. It is really the only advantage ( I mean apart from having nice well mannered dogs!…which mine are not!).


I also managed to get this pic of Zephy which I think looks almost painted!


Happy New Year!

Firstly Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope you have all had as stress free a week as is possible over the holidays. I don’t know about any of you but for me the holidays are a week long marathon of family visits and work. I have such a good time though which is the main thing 🙂

It was also my birthday yesterday, long story short it was a bit of a disaster. So I had a snooze with Zephy:


He is such a snuggle bear, I absolutely adore him!


Wrong measurements.

I was working a lot over the holiday period but it was relatively quiet on a few occasions, so I tried to order a wee waterproof jacket for Echo. Despite being a breed of dog designed for working outdoors, he is not waterproof in the slightest! After a walk in the rain he always looks so cold and miserable so I thought a wee jacket might help him out in the worst of the weather. Well, I put faith in Ben to take the measurements for Echo and when he sent them to me I did think “That sounds a bit big”, But due to the coat I had an eye on being in the sale I thought I’d just go with it. Well, The coat is a bit big for Echo…


Yes the Jacket fits Zephy :/

So I am now in the process of ordering another wee coat so that they match. I’m sure Zephy will appreciated being a bit warmer on those soggy days.



Update on Echo’s health

As I mentioned in a previous post, Echo has had a few lumps that will not go away. In order to  avoid stressing Echo out too much the vet didn’t want to go for any invasive techniques too early. He was found to have a wee bit of a temperature so we have tried a coarse of antibiotics (although I personally think it was more likely to be a viral thing if it was an infection; but thought I’d stick it through). We finished the coarse but his glands are all still up. After a further consult with the vet, the only way to know what is happening is to take a biopsy but she doesn’t think it is anything to worry about. So we have decided to go for the wait and see approach. He is still as happy as ever, the only difference being that he loves a wee cuddle:



Guard Dog

Zephy is not happy about the kids playing in the street….they are clearly a threat.