A worrying mum/trip to the vets…again.

Like every mum to fur babies, I worry like nothing else. I am currently worried about my Zephy’s joints as I’m adamant I can hear a noise from his hind legs sometimes when he moves. I’m well aware that as a large breed dog, Zephy needs to be taking things easy. Try telling that to a 7 month old 36kg excitable dog! I try not to over walk him or overfeed him etc etc. But I still worry I’ve been overdoing it with him. We carried him up and down stairs until we couldn’t lift him any longer yet still I worry! He is a total clown but I’m terrified he will get hip dysplasia. Both his parents are healthy and were health tested before breeding so no problems there but I can’t help but worry about him.

As well as that worry, I have a very real worry about Echo. I have found some fatty lumps in his chest and discovered the other night that his lymph nodes under his jaw are also swollen. They aren’t massive but definitely never felt them before. Spoke to the vet and she has advised us to wait another week and go back. If they haven’t gone back to normal or have increased in size we might need to take some samples but she doesn’t seem too worried at the moment. He is still being his usual irritating self and stealing my things! So he can’t be feeling too under the weather. I will keep you all posted but hopefully there will be nothing to tell.



(Also, I passed my assessment so all that stress has gone.)

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