I wish I could relax.

Well apologies again for the long time between updates. I have had a very stressful few weeks with various family issues and work. I have an assessment on Tuesday which I have been working towards for two years and I feel so under-prepared! So feeling very uptight at the moment and lo and behold I am now full of the cold. I’m supposed to be doing some studying right now but thought I’d give myself a wee chance to relax a bit first.

Echo has decided he will help me to study.


“I will be the quiz master…”

He is fascinated by the laptop and always does his little lamb curl in front of it. I think I’m getting him into bad habits always being on it! Hopefully after the assessment I can spend much more time (although I am already crazy dog lady) with the two of them rather than on this!

The sofa fight is still continuing but the boys have changed tactics. Zephy uses it as a safe place from the hoover:


“I don’t like the noise mum.”

The sad face makes it difficult to move him but I am still being good and sticking to the ‘no dogs on the furniture’ rule. It is so tiring and I don’t think I’m actually getting anywhere. Echo at the minute is more determined than ever to stand on everything he shouldn’t be. This morning I caught him standing on the record player! I didn’t get a pic because I was so annoyed and moved him instantly. For an intelligent breed, staying off things he shouldn’t be on seems to not compute! He is the most frustrating dog I’ve ever met. However, saying that, he is settling down more and more these days. He does love a snuggle and the two of them are cuddling up together more and more which is nice…just wish it wasn’t on the sofa:


“Can we help you?”

The argument continues.

4 thoughts on “I wish I could relax.

  1. OMGoodness just look how much Zephy has grown !!!!
    Good luck with your assessment, and hope you cold clears off soon
    If it’s any consolation Oscar has been trying the patience of a saint with his Nooooo I couldn’t possibly sit before we cross the road …unless you have cheese, then he will do ANYTHING I ask D’oh

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  2. Zephys is now 7months old! Although when he behaves you’d think he was older! (The operative word there being ‘when’!). Him and Echo still cuddle up together but now and then their play gets a bit too serious and with Zephy being much bigger I have had to intervene a few times. How is Osar getting on with learning not to pull? Is the muzzle still doing the trick?


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