The Exploding Bed

I came home to this on Monday night:


That is/was a very comfy memory bed bought for the boys but also used as Zephy’s cage bed (he is a whopping 36kg now so was only fair he got a thicker bed). I wasn’t massively mad to be honest, it’s not very often he’s a bad boy. Told him he was a bad dog and this was his response:


A long weekend Visitor

I had a house full of three dogs from Thursday to Monday. Ben and his family travelled down South for a family wedding ( I had my reasons for not going), so I offered to watch Lola for them (their Springer Spaniel).

She can be a bit grumpy and bossy but after the initial excitement she settled in quite well.

IMG_0178 (1)

Why are you touching me!?

The Thursday was a bit hectic as I was working backshift, so in order to keep the peace in the house, Lola was given the kitchen and the boys obviously already have their own room!

I took the rest of the days off (bar Monday which was a lovely dayshift :/) so that the dogs could get plenty of attention. The problem I had was that Zephy can’t do anywhere near the walking needed for the other two so sadly he did not get to join us on most of the walks. On Friday morning it was just a wee trip to the park to play fetch with the spaniels.


Not tiring enough, by the time lunch time rolled around, they were asking for more. So I decided to take the two of them up a local hill. It has been snowing here up the hills (not any lying on the ground at the moment) and the walk was so peaceful. The two of them ran about like nutters and it was quite fun watching them. Together they flushed a few birds and actually came back when whistled rather than chase them down (Don’t mind them flushing game but don’t want them killing anything). Thankfully, there were not many walkers up the track so managed to clear my head of a few things and tire out the doggies.

There is something so calming about a long walk up the hills. I love it. Unfortunately, I didn’t pick two breeds of dog that can manage long walks together so it was nice to see Echo having a good run about with Lola.

It was all a bit of a tiring day for them all (even though Zephy didn’t go anywhere!).

I had my Christmas night out on Friday night so Zephy thought he’d help me with my makeup while the other two slept:


“The eye-shadows too much mum.”

After very little sleep after my night out (I wasn’t drinking but was still exhausted!) I headed down to the beach in the morning with Lola and Echo. It was a gorgeous morning.

After all that, of course Zephy needed a walk as well. So later on in the day we went for a wee stroll in the park 🙂

All in all, a good weekend. A good weekend for the soul you might say. I am so relaxed this week and I’m sure all the puppy cuddles have been a big part of that 🙂


A worrying mum/trip to the vets…again.

Like every mum to fur babies, I worry like nothing else. I am currently worried about my Zephy’s joints as I’m adamant I can hear a noise from his hind legs sometimes when he moves. I’m well aware that as a large breed dog, Zephy needs to be taking things easy. Try telling that to a 7 month old 36kg excitable dog! I try not to over walk him or overfeed him etc etc. But I still worry I’ve been overdoing it with him. We carried him up and down stairs until we couldn’t lift him any longer yet still I worry! He is a total clown but I’m terrified he will get hip dysplasia. Both his parents are healthy and were health tested before breeding so no problems there but I can’t help but worry about him.

As well as that worry, I have a very real worry about Echo. I have found some fatty lumps in his chest and discovered the other night that his lymph nodes under his jaw are also swollen. They aren’t massive but definitely never felt them before. Spoke to the vet and she has advised us to wait another week and go back. If they haven’t gone back to normal or have increased in size we might need to take some samples but she doesn’t seem too worried at the moment. He is still being his usual irritating self and stealing my things! So he can’t be feeling too under the weather. I will keep you all posted but hopefully there will be nothing to tell.



(Also, I passed my assessment so all that stress has gone.)

Oh Christmas Tree…

Well, it is that time of year I guess. I gave in to the Christmas spirit earlier than normal this year (I usually wait until the week of Christmas!). The tree is now up and of course I had to make the boys pose for a pretty picture.


A bow tie and tinsel is a must 🙂


The tree lasted for a whole two days before Echo ate a christmas bobble….He has actually pooped glitter. I’ll leave you with that lovely image.

I wish I could relax.

Well apologies again for the long time between updates. I have had a very stressful few weeks with various family issues and work. I have an assessment on Tuesday which I have been working towards for two years and I feel so under-prepared! So feeling very uptight at the moment and lo and behold I am now full of the cold. I’m supposed to be doing some studying right now but thought I’d give myself a wee chance to relax a bit first.

Echo has decided he will help me to study.


“I will be the quiz master…”

He is fascinated by the laptop and always does his little lamb curl in front of it. I think I’m getting him into bad habits always being on it! Hopefully after the assessment I can spend much more time (although I am already crazy dog lady) with the two of them rather than on this!

The sofa fight is still continuing but the boys have changed tactics. Zephy uses it as a safe place from the hoover:


“I don’t like the noise mum.”

The sad face makes it difficult to move him but I am still being good and sticking to the ‘no dogs on the furniture’ rule. It is so tiring and I don’t think I’m actually getting anywhere. Echo at the minute is more determined than ever to stand on everything he shouldn’t be. This morning I caught him standing on the record player! I didn’t get a pic because I was so annoyed and moved him instantly. For an intelligent breed, staying off things he shouldn’t be on seems to not compute! He is the most frustrating dog I’ve ever met. However, saying that, he is settling down more and more these days. He does love a snuggle and the two of them are cuddling up together more and more which is nice…just wish it wasn’t on the sofa:


“Can we help you?”

The argument continues.