Icky weather snuggles/some news

It is such a horrible rainy, windy day here. I am off today as I was nightshift on Sunday night so I get my Sunday back, in the form of today. Ben is currently working away from home so it is just me and the doggies this week.

So my first piece of news. Despite my initial ‘I’m not sure I want to show’ attitude, I entered Zephy into a Championship show. Well did he not just go and get first in his class again! So this means we have qualified for Crufts 2016, which I am mildly excited about. I stopped watching Crufts a few years ago due to the bad press it received and the fact that many owners don’t actually seem to give a damn about their dogs. It infuriates me on occasion. However, despite not watching it, nothing has changed. Hence my attitude of, well if I can’t beat them by ignoring it, maybe I need to get involved. And my first course of action is to be seen treating my dog with the love, affection and respect he deserves (which they both get all the time anyway). Anyway, I am excited about getting a way for a wee weekend with Ben, my trusty helper, and if we win anything while we are down then fab, if not, it will be an interesting experience and hopefully zephy will love all the attention 🙂

With the naff weather we are having today, the boys seem to be particularly cuddly. In fact, everytime I leave the room and come back again, they have snuggled up together again. It’s nice to see them so chilled out and they’ve given me a chance to get some work done.

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Nearly time for walkies and typically the rain is now heavier than it was before. I might hang back for a little bit but don’t want it getting too dark. I have bought them new collars that have LED’s in them which should make them a bit more noticeable as well though, so they shouldn’t disappear into the darkness like they normally do!