So proud of my boy.

First of all, apologies for it being so long since I updated; I’ve been on holiday and generally just avoiding anything that may resemble work.

A few weeks ago I mentioned I’d be having a go at showing with Zephy, and that time has come and gone! Yesterday (as it is now 2am) Ben, Zephy, Echo and myself headed along to the Scottish Rottweiler Club show. I entered Zephy in Minor Puppy so he was up against two other pups between the ages of 6-9 months. Well, much to my surprise we got first place! I couldn’t believe it…still can’t believe it! Zephy did so well and for a pup his age and was amazingly well behaved. Much to my joy, because we had won Minor Puppy we then went up against all the other dogs that had won in the other classes to compete for Best dog and Best Puppy Dog. Well, once again I was shocked to be handed the rosette for Best Puppy Dog! We then had to compete with Best puppy bitch to go for title of Best Puppy but sadly we were beaten by a lovely bitch.

I am so over the moon about Zephy though! I didn’t think we would win anything at all with it being our first show but my boy did so well. I actually can’t get over it!




Needless to say I have now been talked into entering Zephy into a Champ show…which I have. It is in November so will let you guys know how we get on. Not getting excited though as we will be up against far more dogs but I thought the day out with my boys would be nice.

I would also like to mention that Echo coped very well with not being the centre of attention!