The armchair fight escalates…

So, for some reason, despite persevering with both the dogs over the not being allowed on the furniture, they are also persevering about being on it! And not only are they determined to be on the armchair, they are also fighting over the sofa now. It is getting out of hand.


There are two dogs in this picture believe it or not…

I rearranged the furniture to move the armchair away from the door, to stop them running in the room and going straight for it. It has reduced the number of times they are on it but it now means the sofa is in the running line.

WP_20150901_08_20_40_Pro (1)  WP_20150828_09_37_52_Pro (1)

I think Echo uses it as a place to be ‘safe’ from Zephyr as well, what with Zephyr now being bigger than him!

It is exhausting being an overexcited spaniel….


And so the fight still continues….

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