Learning to Stand

I have decided I am going to have a go at dog showing. Don’t ask why I am doing it. I have no idea. I just think Zephy is a great example of a Rottweiler and I want to show him off a little. I don’t think I will ever be a serious shower, I don’t plan on travelling the country for the next show but thought I would have a go and see what happens.

There is a show coming up in October and I’ve entered Zephy into the minor puppy class. So he will be up against puppies 6-9 months so there is no pressure at all in my opinion. All puppies look cute so I am not going to get upset if we don’t win or get placed. Anyways, We have been practicing ‘standing’. He is such a fast learner and I think he enjoys all the food!

WP_20150906_17_17_51_Pro WP_20150906_17_16_04_Pro

Not the best pictures but was trying to take the pics while keeping him standing. Harder than it sounds!

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