Training the dogs to settle in the kitchen.

From day one with Echo we have had to have him in a crate when he is left on his own or overnight. The reason for this is, as mentioned before, Echo can’t settle down and he eats the house. However, saying that, since we have had Zephy, Echo is learning slowly that it is ok to lie down and not follow us around everywhere. He is far from being left alone for any length of time as he gets really anxious if he we leave the house and he isn’t in his cage. Both the boys at the moment have their own cages but we do hope to wean them back out once Zephy has his grown up teeth and perhaps Echo once he learns it is ok to settle if we are out. At the moment, I am leaving them in the kitchen for short periods of time, say half an hour to an hour to let them settle, and then they are rewarded by getting a quiet fuss. Zephy is not bothered at all, he settles anywhere and is happy to be left in the kitchen, so I think he will advance to being a ‘grown up dog’ before Echo! We have gone from Echo not being able to be left alone at all outside of his cage to actually getting him to lie down in the kitchen with Zeph. This is a massive improvement. It means that now, if the two of them are soaking wet from the rain or muddy or just getting too carried away I can lead them into the kitchen and leave them there.

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It may sound like something  that all dog owners take for granted, that they can leave their dogs in the kitchen but Echo is a spoilt toddler. From day one I have never been able to get him to settle so I can’t explain how good it feels to have a dog that is happier than he used to be. THe two of them actually snuggle up together now as well and I love it.


It means overall that the boys have more freedom and eventually I’d like to have them sleeping in the kitchen together overnight but not wanting to rush it all. Taking baby steps at the moment. I am maybe being overcautious but I don’t want to rush them into sharing bed space. Echo can be relentless if he gets wound up so we have to make sure he is calm. But all in all, it is a work in progress that is going well 🙂

He does still try to make me feel guilty sometimes though…


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