The Hoover and the ongoing sofa fight.

First of all, sorry for the lack of update recently, it has been a very stressful and exhausting few weeks. I finally have an hour or so to myself so I have a few posts to do.

The boys are not the bravest of dogs and like most they are scared of the hoover. They have found they can gain comfort from each other though and they become a lot braver behind the baby gate! I have tried and tried to get them used to the noise etc with various tactics. I have tried ignoring their reaction, I have tried giving them nice things and playing games while it’s on but to no avail. Behind the baby gate it is:

WP_20150722_18_59_01_Pro WP_20150722_18_58_48_Pro

As you can see, Echo is at the forefront being a good big brother and protecting Zephy from the devil of a henry hoover.

The fight over who owns the armchair is continuing. I am adamant it is mine (!) however, everyone has decided it is the comfiest chair and therefore it is fair game and if you leave it for a second don’t expect to get back to it again. I would like to point out again that neither dog is allowed on the furniture but for this chair they are making an exception! the cheeky devils. I am persisting in moving them off it but it is a matter of who is more determined.

WP_20150723_19_07_53_Pro WP_20150730_18_11_32_Pro WP_20150730_18_11_27_Pro

If a human is on the chair, don’t expect to be left alone…


They are like circling vultures, don’t be fooled by Zephy ‘asleep’ on the floor. He is just luring us into a false sense of security. At one point, believe it or not they were both up on that chair.

2 thoughts on “The Hoover and the ongoing sofa fight.

  1. I hope not! This fight will go on for a while and is made more difficult now that Zeph can jump onto it as well. They are like spoiled children! I will be keeping you all up to date on the story lol


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