Best dog

Every year for the last few years there has been a charity dog show at the local park for a rescue centre local to us. This year I decided to take both the boys along and enter them into a few of the show classes they had.


There were 8 classes in total, with a small donation for entering each class. We entered in Best Dog, (best girl being judged before) with both dogs, I had Echo and Ben had Zephy, along with 63 other dogs!! As were walking round it was obvious that the dogs wanted to swap who they were with so we switched round and made the dogs sit beside us. Everytime the judges looked away the dogs were trying to fight each other and generally cause chaos and as soon as the judges looked back they were like little angels. It was hard not to laugh! Well in the end, Echo was picked out for the final 6 AND he made 2nd place!!! So Ben, despite hating getting photos taken, had to get a picture with the dog that got 1st (a gorgeous Akita cross).


The plan had been to enter Zephy into the best puppy class but it was another hour away and by this time the dogs were starting to get fed up and a bit stressed out with all the people and dogs around, so we called it a day.

Zephy did look cute in his bowtie though:


I’m certain he would of won best puppy…not that I am biased at all on the matter!

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