A beach Trip followed by a Vet trip.

It was about two weeks ago now, there was actually some sunshine, so I thought I’d spoil the dogs by heading down to the beach for their morning walk.

WP_20150730_07_46_57_Pro WP_20150730_07_52_12_Pro

It was more like an autumn morning than a summer one, sunny but with cold refreshing air. It was lovely.

Echo was as always right in the water, but Zeph was more content just watching him swim than actually going near the water.


All in all, it was a lovely walk and the pups had a good run about in the sunny morning.


It was all good and well until lunchtime when I realised Zephy was refusing to put down his back leg! He let me check it and I cannot recall a point in the walk when he might have hurt himself. Really, in hindsight, I shouldn’t have taken them onto the sand. Far too easy for him to hurt himself on the soft ground. Anyway, I checked him over and he seemed ok, nothing was broken anyway. So a day of staying in his bed was prescribed by me in the hope it would be better by morning, it was not. In fact it was worse. So off to the vets we went!

Zephy is the first dog I’ve owned that happily trots into the vets with a wee smile and a waggy tail (although on this occasion he was carried in). The vet checked him over and nothing broken but she reckons he had twisted his knee and it was probably a little bit bruised but nothing more. He was given a shot of painkillers to help him feel better and we were sent home with instructions to keep him still (easier said than done). Well, that night while I was making us all dinners, Zephy was definitely under the influence of the painkillers….


He sat like that for at least 10 minutes…just watching out of his little whacked out eyes. Poor wee sausage.

He is back to his fighting fit self now.

Following Zeph not being well, Echo started acting oddly. Now bearing in mind this dog never stops moving at all, and has never cuddled up or anything, the following photo struck alarm bells ringing in my head:


We actually cuddled like that for almost an hour, it only stopped because I wanted to go to bed! It is bad that although it was nice to get cuddles from him, the first thing I said to Ben was “I don’t think he’s well!”. The next morning he was ok on his walk but not his entirely energetic self and when we got back to the car he slumped on the ground for a wee lie down (again for a dog that is always on the move this was worrying) and following that, after his breakfast he was sick. I was starting to get a bit worried by this point and before I left the house he was slumped against the wall and his head was swaying from side to side very gently.


So another trip to the vets that day. It turns out that he just got a mild ear infection (common in spaniels) and that’s all they could find wrong with him. Since then he has been fine. We have ear drops for him at the moment and they seem to be doing the trick.

So in one week a good £100 spent at the vets…I should’ve been a vet.

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