The Stats for the boys.


Pet Name:  Echo/Pudding cup/************* (can’t repeat that one!)

Age: 1 year and 6 months

Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel

Weight: 19kg

Energy Level: Hyper beyond all reason – will run for hours



Pet Name: Zephyr/Zephy/Cupcake

Age: 14 weeks

Breed: Rottweiler

Weight: 14kg (at the moment!)

Energy Level: Lazy, as little movement as possible

WP_20150712_15_11_55_Pro (1)

4 thoughts on “The Stats for the boys.

    • Thank you, we are very lucky to have two handsome dogs 🙂
      Zephy’s stats change daily!! He is growing so fast you can almost hear him stretching! And oh believe me, Echo has enough energy for a pack of dogs. He is getting better at lying down and snoozing though. He is all tired out from annoying Zeph 🙂


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