The determined Spaniel

For some reason, having shown no previous interest in the armchair, Echo is absolutely determined to be on it now. I think he is using it as a ‘safe place’.


Little does he realise that Zeph will soon be much bigger! Everytime I turn my back, or leave the room or indeed switch on the laptop, he takes a chance and curls up.


“Please mum, I am so comfy!”.

At the moment it is a war on who is more determined. If I let him stay on the armchair, he will want on the sofa, if he gets up on the sofa he will want up on people’s laps. Which is fine if the person is ok with it and if Echo is dry, but can you imagine the mess made by a mucky and wet spaniel who moves at a million miles an hour. I can tell you it is not pretty. I spend my life cleaning mud off everything, and that’s with drying him at the door. It’s like he saves up the mud somewhere.

Speaking of cleaning, it is time to clean the car out. It is starting to smell from all the dog!

2 thoughts on “The determined Spaniel

  1. He does make me feel very bad about moving him. But when you have a white armchair and a muddy dog it’s amazing how fast you change your mind!


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