A sick day.

Today Zephyr is not well.


Apologies but it is about to get a wee bit graphic!

I think he must have eaten something that clearly doesn’t agree with him as Echo (and our friend’s dog who visited yesterday) are both fighting fit. Zephy has had such an upset stomach this morning and annoyingly I didn’t notice until I had already given him breakfast! Out on his walk it was so bad, there was no chance of being able to pick it up. After a few bouts of diarrhoea though there was no more. At this point I was hoping that was the end of it.

Well, we got home and I nipped to the loo and came back into the living room to a wonderful smell. I noticed there was a few drops of poopy mucus on the floor and then a few spots of blood. I cleaned it up and all the time thinking ‘wow that is a hell of a smell from just a wee bit of poop’. I didn’t think anything of it and I checked Zephyr over and he was fine, just snoozing on the carpet. I went to fetch the scented candles to help rid the living room of the smell and when I returned my brain finally registered the spray, of what was clearly explosive diarrhoea, next to the radiator (on the other side of the room from the bits I’d already cleaned up). The smell was pretty bad to the point I was gagging. I managed to clean it up and triple bagged it! The windows were thrown open and by sheer coincidence I happen to have Ben’s parents carpet cleaning hoover in the house. I am so happy it is here. I put both dogs to their beds and I have managed to wash the carpet. It is spotless and thankfully, the smell has gone too! The candles are still burning and the window is still open though.

The plan of action today is now to starve Zephy and to let him have a lazy day. No training or any more walks, just snoozing. Luckily he is still drinking water, which is good news. If he passes any more blood I will need to take him to the vets but hoping it is purely down to the irritation of him having poo’d so much. Fingers crossed he is feeling better tomorrow. Luckily for us, the vets are two streets over and open 7 days a week so if he takes a turn for the worst we have help. He still seems bright enough and he has had a play with Echo since making a mess on the carpet so he can’t be feeling too bad at the moment.

Echo is taking full advantage of the attention Zeph has had and is trying his luck on the “no dogs on the furniture” rule:

No dogs on the furniture

I had turned my back for less than a minute! Safe to say he has not been allowed to stay there…despite how adorable he makes himself look.

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