Sibling rivalry

As all siblings are aware, there is an inborn rivalry. At the moment I am likening my dogs to a toddler (Echo) and a newborn (Zephy) and Echo is not happy that there is a new baby on the scene. Like all big jealous big brothers, Echo has been trying his hardest to get Zephy in trouble.

I was making lunch the other week and it all goes quiet in the living room where the dogs are. Silence may be golden but when you have puppies it is nothing but suspicious. So I crept through to the living room to find that my house plant had been pulled over and was scattered all over the carpet. As I walked into the room, Echo took a few steps away from the carnage leaving little Zeph in the middle of it all. Now, knowing my Echo, I know fine well it was him that tipped the plant but he gives me this look as if to say “Mum, I can’t believe what he has done!”. Cheeky monkey that he is. He gave me the biggest spaniel eyes when he realised I knew what he was upto.

The second incident involved the doormat. Echo has a bad habit of retrieving the door mat and taking it to his bed. Well on this occasion, I happened to be able to see what unfolded. I kept quiet as I watched Echo parade the doormat in front of Zeph to get his attention. Once Zeph was firmly on top of the doormat having a wee nibble, I stepped through to intervene before it was damaged and I have never seen Echo drop something so fast. He let go of the mat and sat away from it again to say “see what trouble you’ve brought in, he is such a bad dog”. Well, they both got told off and Echo was sent to his bed for two minutes. Poor Zephy looked ever so confused.


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