The reason for the very quick catch up.

What better way to spend your time than learning life lessons from your fuzzy pets. They take such joy in every little thing, they love everything, they try new things, they are quick to forgive, quick to trust, and they have no fear of trying new things as long as they have a hand to hold. And most of all, they don’t mind being the clown if it makes you smile.

We are about to welcome a new puppy into the house. A friend for Echo as well as another companion for us. Ben has grown up with Spaniels so therefore we got Echo (and I love him! if you can’t already tell).

I on the other hand have always had, as I said earlier, a love for Rottweilers; Which our new pup is going to be. It is an odd combination but I think it will work. I am so excited about it. We only have two sleeps to go! Here is a few pics to keep you going:


That is him in the back and at 6 weeks old. Already they are twice the size! Fast growing wee monkeys. The chaos that follows will be really hard work but great fun! I will post more pics when he arrives home and I still have loads of Echo’s adventures to catch up on. I will do my best to keep things up-dated.

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