The ‘other’ dogs

I am lucky to have a number of friends who all have dogs which gives Echo some play mates to occupy him.

We have:

My parent’s dog, Elmo. He is a very grumpy 10 year old Parson Russell Terrier. He doesn’t like to share but does love big dogs like labs. Elmo came into my life as an adorable handful of puppy when I was 15. He loves toys, food and being allowed to sit on your lap. He hates: walking, the rain, the bin men, cats, other dogs, the birds, the post man, lorries, buses, bikes and people on bikes, children, skateboards, rollerbladers, builders, plumbers, joiners… get the idea!WP_20140921_09_30_09_Pro

I think he has dementia now, or similar. He sometimes looks at me like he has never seen before in his life. It is quite sad really. I have to keep him on his lead if I walk him because he just disappears (albeit at slow speeds).

Another dog I have in my life is Lola, pictured previously. She is my boyfriend’s parent’s dog. She is a 6 year old Springer Spaniel who, as time goes by, gets more and more grumpy. She has very little patience for Echo, and who can blame her! He absolutely torments her. The grumpier she gets the more he winds her up.WP_20141005_08_58_21_Pro

I have also never met a bitch before who actually marks her territory. She lifts her leg when she pee’s and is all round a very dominant dog. On the flip side, she is very cuddly with people, she loves a snuggle and her favourite past time is fetch or chasing leaves.

Other dogs in my life are: Tumnus, a border terrier puppy.


Bella, the golden retriever and Teemu and Kuma the Finnish lapphunds;


Honey and Poppy, the Springer Spaniels (Poppy has just had four gorgeous boy pups, and my friend is keeping one, Freddie):


So that sums up all the dogs I can think of at the moment. THere is a fair number of them and when they get together to play it is a bit hectic!

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