The Exploding pillow phenomenon

My house is very dangerous place. There are so many bad things that could happen to a nosy dog. There is also so much to steal! The current favourite items to steal are socks and boxers….He has weird habits.

The danger comes from the nice beds I buy the dog to sleep on. They are clearly exploding time bombs. While working away one night I turn to discover that the house has gone very quiet. So the bed started like this:


And then this happened:

10857071_10152626729956493_22119440487952214_o => 10655293_10152626730661493_7407828563097594349_o10986885_10152626731331493_1651932303469263753_o

He lay so still on the bed. It was like he thought, “If I stay really really still you won’t see what I’ve done”. I told him I knew it was him and eventually he moved and came over with the head down and the tail wagging as if to say “It just exploded! Your lucky I’m still alive!”

And this is why my dog has a multitude of blankets and instead of ‘beds’. He loves a pile of blankets to sleep on but if I give him a proper bed it is quickly de-stuffed and destroyed. So that was the end of that.

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