The arrival of the west wind.

I’ve not been able to keep this up to date as much as I’d like. That’s partly due to the usual “dramas” of life and the fact that our new arrival has certainly arrived!!

Zephyr has arrived. In fact he arrived last Sunday afternoon around 2pm. He is gorgeous but wow can he scream! His first interaction with Echo went roughly as follows:

– Echo came over (on the lead), tongue out and excited to play

-Echo sniffed ever so gently at Zephyr

-Zephyr Screamed!

When I say screamed, I mean actually screamed. The noise was sickening. If I didn’t any better I’d say Echo had bitten him with the noise he made. It was all so overwhelming for the wee pup who has obviously no other experience of dogs than his litter mates. So to come to a strange house with a strange slavering dog who is clearly on ecstasy, must be quite a shock to the system. After the initial meeting, Ben sat with the pup on his knee to make him feel safe while Echo ran about round about him.

Initially it was too much having the two dogs in the house running ‘free’, so we moved Zeph’s crate to the living room and with Zeph safely inside we let Echo meet him through the cage (this was advice from our dog trainer). Doing it this way allows the two dogs to meet but stops them invading each others space. We progressed from this to having both dogs out together but it took a few days to get them settled. I use the term settled and I use it very loosely! Settled for me, means that they aren’t killing each other and can play without getting too carried away.

After a few days, we went from manic to this (these pics are rare events but I still them as a gold star!):

11402774_10152798604536493_7348747452502158921_o  11416327_10152808379856493_6218144990021542044_o

So it is possible to get them both to calm and sleep together. We are obviously not leaving them unsupervised at this stage as it is still very early days but it can be done! These are just two of the pics I look at when we are all having a bad day.

Zephyr at the moment is screaming bloody murder whenever we try to leave him so this is the priority in the training plan so far. The sound is actually sickening that he makes and I am so surprised we haven’t had any complaints yet! The noise is incredible and he is clearly anxious at being abandoned but at some point we do both need to work. So I have spent all of today just leaving him alone for a few minutes and returning with quiet praise whenever he stops making noise. So far it seems to be having a positive effect but it is still very early days. Lots of hard work to come.

Puppies ARE HARD WORK! It is even more hard work when you already have a wired dog but hopefully all the sleepless hours and hard work and training and just sheer determination will pay off and we will have two happy dogs:

1425433_10152801773281493_7649130683115749727_o 11336964_10152801773541493_4645267446705139071_o

If anyone is thinking of getting a puppy there are a few things to consider:

1) Can I afford it?

2) How much time/space etc do I have?

3) Can I function with limited sleep (hint: if the answer is no to that, don’t do it!)

4) Do I care that my house will be a riot for all time?

5) Can I deal with a howling puppy (it is like torture. I am willing to tell you anything you want to know right now, after a day of almost constant noise!)

6) Can I cope in winter having to get up in the dark to go walking?

These are only a few of the questions to consider.

If you do decide to get a puppy, cuddly toys always help:


The reason for the very quick catch up.

What better way to spend your time than learning life lessons from your fuzzy pets. They take such joy in every little thing, they love everything, they try new things, they are quick to forgive, quick to trust, and they have no fear of trying new things as long as they have a hand to hold. And most of all, they don’t mind being the clown if it makes you smile.

We are about to welcome a new puppy into the house. A friend for Echo as well as another companion for us. Ben has grown up with Spaniels so therefore we got Echo (and I love him! if you can’t already tell).

I on the other hand have always had, as I said earlier, a love for Rottweilers; Which our new pup is going to be. It is an odd combination but I think it will work. I am so excited about it. We only have two sleeps to go! Here is a few pics to keep you going:


That is him in the back and at 6 weeks old. Already they are twice the size! Fast growing wee monkeys. The chaos that follows will be really hard work but great fun! I will post more pics when he arrives home and I still have loads of Echo’s adventures to catch up on. I will do my best to keep things up-dated.

The Exploding pillow phenomenon

My house is very dangerous place. There are so many bad things that could happen to a nosy dog. There is also so much to steal! The current favourite items to steal are socks and boxers….He has weird habits.

The danger comes from the nice beds I buy the dog to sleep on. They are clearly exploding time bombs. While working away one night I turn to discover that the house has gone very quiet. So the bed started like this:


And then this happened:

10857071_10152626729956493_22119440487952214_o => 10655293_10152626730661493_7407828563097594349_o10986885_10152626731331493_1651932303469263753_o

He lay so still on the bed. It was like he thought, “If I stay really really still you won’t see what I’ve done”. I told him I knew it was him and eventually he moved and came over with the head down and the tail wagging as if to say “It just exploded! Your lucky I’m still alive!”

And this is why my dog has a multitude of blankets and instead of ‘beds’. He loves a pile of blankets to sleep on but if I give him a proper bed it is quickly de-stuffed and destroyed. So that was the end of that.

The ‘other’ dogs

I am lucky to have a number of friends who all have dogs which gives Echo some play mates to occupy him.

We have:

My parent’s dog, Elmo. He is a very grumpy 10 year old Parson Russell Terrier. He doesn’t like to share but does love big dogs like labs. Elmo came into my life as an adorable handful of puppy when I was 15. He loves toys, food and being allowed to sit on your lap. He hates: walking, the rain, the bin men, cats, other dogs, the birds, the post man, lorries, buses, bikes and people on bikes, children, skateboards, rollerbladers, builders, plumbers, joiners… get the idea!WP_20140921_09_30_09_Pro

I think he has dementia now, or similar. He sometimes looks at me like he has never seen before in his life. It is quite sad really. I have to keep him on his lead if I walk him because he just disappears (albeit at slow speeds).

Another dog I have in my life is Lola, pictured previously. She is my boyfriend’s parent’s dog. She is a 6 year old Springer Spaniel who, as time goes by, gets more and more grumpy. She has very little patience for Echo, and who can blame her! He absolutely torments her. The grumpier she gets the more he winds her up.WP_20141005_08_58_21_Pro

I have also never met a bitch before who actually marks her territory. She lifts her leg when she pee’s and is all round a very dominant dog. On the flip side, she is very cuddly with people, she loves a snuggle and her favourite past time is fetch or chasing leaves.

Other dogs in my life are: Tumnus, a border terrier puppy.


Bella, the golden retriever and Teemu and Kuma the Finnish lapphunds;


Honey and Poppy, the Springer Spaniels (Poppy has just had four gorgeous boy pups, and my friend is keeping one, Freddie):


So that sums up all the dogs I can think of at the moment. THere is a fair number of them and when they get together to play it is a bit hectic!