So, in the last post I gave you a very brief introduction to my love of dogs. Echo is the dog I have in my life at the moment and as I said previously, has been a handful from day 1. So a little bit more about him:

He is currently a year and a half old, black, tan and white with a love of dirty socks. We had him castrated at 6 months old, not through choice but necessity. I wanted to wait till he was a year old to give him a chance to grow properly etc however, at the age of 5 months I had the embarrassment of my dog running a mile over a field at break neck speed to get to a whippet bitch who was unfortunately for me, in season. Luckily the owner of the whippet was paying attention and managed to intervene but I can tell you, my dog gave a valiant effort to try and breed with her. Whippet/cocker puppies is a big no no. He did this twice before I realised that, yes, my dog was going to be a pest for any bitch in season so at 6 months we had him snipped.

He does still love a whippet though and still insists on trying to keep up with them. He obviously likes the leggy skinny girls!

Our pup was unlucky enough to also have rear dew claws when we got him and they were very flimsy so at the same time as being castrated, we were extra cruel and had his rear claws removed. I can tell you that I have never been made to feel so guilty in my life. It was the safest option to have it all done together but wow, did I hate myself for it. And this face didn’t make it any easier!:


For the first time since we brought him home, he actually curled up on my lap to sleep. Granted that was helped by the aftermath of an anaesthetic and plenty of pain killers, but I’m taking that as a win.

We were hoping that having him snipped would also help calm the boy down a bit as he was still wired at this point…and I can say that he still is. After the drugs all wore off he was back to his usual chaotic, wired self but at least he can’t reproduce and give us other little monsters! (probably with a whippet).

Not long after this, My partner and I had a night away to treat ourselves so Echo went on a wee holiday to stay with Ben’s parents. They have a lovely Springer called Lola and so another dog is no hassle (or so they thought!). 11074768_10152669696676493_4335703192301984496_o

After a weekend of running riot; destroying their garden, eating plant pots and pond diving, we returned to collect him and take him home and let the family recover. As soon as we got home, Echo jumped into his second bed (yes he has two beds, his cage and a plastic bed with cosy blankets), and fell asleep instantly. Success! I thought, he is finally tired out. So rather than wake him to put him in his cage, we left him asleep in the kitchen with the baby gate closed.

3.30am I wake up to a scrabbling downstairs and at this point elbow Ben to ‘go let the dog out’, thinking he needed a wee. After about 10minutes I woke up and thought “how long does it take to let the dog for goodness sake!” So off I marched downstairs to find out what was happening and I find Ben picking up pieces of the kitchen floor with Echo looking really pleased with himself. Somehow, he had managed to rip the linoleum floor to shreds from the middle. No idea how he managed it and I have to admit I was oddly impressed. I couldn’t even be mad, there was no point. Echo was swiftly put to his cage, the pieces of floor stuck in the bin and we both went back to bed in a sleepy daze.


So that is why, I am a big believer in crate training your dog. So far we have tried to wean Echo out of having to be in his cage approximately 6 times. And each time he tries to eat something. He is happy in his cage and safe there and he can’t hurt himself or damage our house (it gets expensive very quickly). Hopefully as he gets older he can learn to settle outside of the cage as it would be nice to let him have a bit more freedom but at the moment he just can’t be trusted.

Well that’s all for now. More updates to follow soon.

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